Honourable Aishatu Aliyu Musa (Mrs), Consul General of Nigeria, Atlanta      ______________________________________________________________________________

Welcome to the official page of the Consulate-General of Nigeria, Atlanta. The Consulate-General aims to improve Consular services, communications, and trade-relations between Nigeria and the United States. Also, we hope to foster understanding, and cordial relations with government, community, Nigerian citizens, and people of the United States to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The Consulate was established in 1998 to strengthen long existing relations between Nigeria and the United States with jurisdiction in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,  Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia, the 17 Southeastern States of the United States and territory.

If you are a Nigerian in the diaspora, we encourage you to click on CitizenOrganization or Business to complete online registration. The main purpose of the exercise is to register/count its compatriots, their associations, organizations, and businesses for planning and service delivery within its areas of jurisdiction in the South East of the United States.

The Consulate is dedicated to helping interested individuals in matters of obtaining, renewing passports, visas, and gaining information about tourism and other travel information concerning Nigeria. Our endeavor is to provide useful information, advice, emergency assistance and consular services to individuals, organizations & businesses. Click here  for important e-passport information.


Our mission is to build mutual beneficial relationships, offer Consular services, and assist Nigerians in the Southeast United States, promote cultural diplomacy, Nigeria’s National image, products, heritage, interest, enterprise development, Consular activities, science & technology, partnerships, celebrate Nigeria’s diversity, achievements, unity, patriotism, trade, and tourism investment opportunities to strengthen our national consciousness, as well as work with Nigerians in the diaspora, and U.S on priority issues.


1. The Consulate provides assistance to Nigerians in the diaspora, and respond to specific requests in situations of distress, such as issuance of emergency passports, process visas, serve as a liaison with international, local and state governmental agencies, and provide assistance to Nigerian citizens arrested or detained in the Southeast United States.

2. The Consulate provides Consular services to Nigerians in Diaspora, organizations, businesses, commercial, academic, media, cultural communities, political and government institutions within the Southeast United States in an ongoing effort to bring awareness, and understanding of Nigeria, Nigerians interests and values, focus on issues of priority such as economic competitiveness, bilateral trade with U.S, security, energy, and good governance.

3. The Consulate’s media and publicity team provides coverage  of  all Consular’s engagements, events, and participation in the community, handles new media, content development, feedbacks, media correspondence, website and network management. The consulate blog, create awareness, serve as a communication channel for dissemination of accurate news and information, provide comprehensive updates on Consular services, promote community events, education, advocacy, culture, business, trade and investment opportunities. Click here  to join our mailing list.

4. The Consulate handles & conducts international business development plans for exports, and import of goods and services. Nigeria has over 170 million population, an oil producing country,endowed with natural resources, and human capital. Nigeria is poised for growth and development.

5. The Consulate provides advise to companies looking to trade in Nigeria to make the most of opportunities for mutually beneficial trade, investment and technology partnerships. Additionally, we have improved this page to promote the interest of Nigeria, and Nigerians in the diaspora, enhance the spirit of friendship, patriotism and national heritage to project positive “Image” of Nigeria.

6. The Consulate engages in Trade missions, and partnerships is to to assist, and help identify areas of common interest, and business opportunities such as cultural exchange programs, tourism, trade and investment opportunities to promote Nigeria as a destination for foreign direct investment and trade.


You can now apply for Nigerian passport online. The application process is simple and easy to use with online application guidelines. Please visit the link to the Nigerian Imigration Web site for information on how to apply for passports online. We recommend that you use ONLY USPS Express Mail stamped, self addressed envelope (In order for your documents to be mailed back to you).

Click here for passport information.

  1. This to inform that the federal Government has concluded all necessary arrangements for the issuance of the Nigerian Diaspora Bond In the International Capital Market. For more details Click Here
  2. The General Public is hereby notified that LYNXSYS: An IT Firm/Consultant with a web site domain name NIGERIANPASSPORTNOW.COM who purportedly acts and renders Consular, Visa, Payment Confirmation and Express Delivery services on behalf of the Consultant is a Hoax and should be avoided. 
  3. The Consulate wishes to categorically state, that it has nothing to do with the aforementioned business concern as it cannot guarantee its Authenticity. In this light, therefore whoever conducts business with it does as his own risk.
  4. OPENING OF A NIGERIA VISA SORTING AND CLEARANCE CENTER OPERATED BY OIS SERVICES ON BEHALF OF THE CONSULATE OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. This is to inform the General Public that a visa collection and sorting center has been opened and is operated by OIS Services on behalf of the Consulate General of Nigeria.
  5. The office is located at: OIS SERVICES Suite 204, 918 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076 Tel. No.: +1 678 514 3263 Website:www.oisservices.com
  6. By this development, all submissions of visa applications and payments will henceforth be handled by aforementioned office, starting from Monday, May 16, 2016. Please note that, from the above stated date (May 16, 2016) the Consulate will cease to collect any visa applications and payments.