I am directed to inform that the Federal Government of Nigeria has confirmed its readiness to provide the necessary assistance to any Nigerian national requiring emergency evacuation from the United States due to the restrictions imposed on movements by the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the above, the Consulate has been directed to compile the list of Nigerian Nationals who would be interested in the evacuation exercise.

Consequently, all Nigerian nationals within Atlanta, Georgia and Consulate’s area of jurisdiction highlighted above should indicate their interest to participate in the evacuation exercise in the format provided below:

  1. Full name (as it appears on passport);
  2. Data page of participant’s Nigerian Passport/any other evidence of Nigerian nationality;
  3. Contact details in the USA, (Telephone number, email address, current location-city and state); and
  4. Current health status in relation to COVID-19

The above information should be forwarded to the following email address on or before Sunday, 12th April 2020: info@nigeria-consulate-atl.org

This would enable expedited compilation of list for onward transmission to the relevant authority in Abuja. As soon as necessary arrangements for the evacuation are completed, concerned individuals would be contacted accordingly. Please note that the financial implications of the evacuation will be borne by the prospective evacuees and they would also be compulsorily quarantined when they arrive Nigeria.

While counting on you to disseminate the information widely, please accept the warm regards of the Consul General. The Consul General also appeals to all compatriots to continue to abide by advice on COVID-19 issues by the authorities in your various states and prays for your safety