The main purpose of the exercise is to register/count compatriots, their Associations, Businesses, and develop a database of Nigerians within its areas of jurisdiction, in the South East of the United States. The States include:

a. Alabama
b. Arkansas
c. Florida
d. Georgia
e. Kansas
f. Kentucky
g. Louisiana
h. Mississippi
i. Missouri
j. New Mexico
k. North Carolina
l. Oklahoma
m. Puerto Rico
n. South Carolina
o. Tennessee
p. Texas
q. West Virginia

More importantly, have an accurate number of Nigerians for planning and service delivery.  It’s also for use by the Federal and State Governments and the Organized Private Sector in Nigeria, who of late, continue to demonstrate keen interest in hiring Nigerian professionals and experts abroad for numerous positions and projects in the country.The Consulate would therefore appreciate it very much, if you could cooperate with it in this important endeavor that will surely move Nigeria and her nationals forward. If you are a Nigerian in the South East of the United States of America.

The Consulate aims to achieve, among others, the following objectives from this exercise:-

  • Establish and effectively monitor the number and spread of Nigerians, to enable it to come to their aid, in the event of natural or man-made emergencies, as well as to ensure their minimum welfare;
  • Issue Nigerian (Citizenship) identification card, which could, in the near future, become “Nigeria Identity Card Abroad (NICA)”;
  • Unite Nigerians, Nigerian Associations, and Nigerian Businesses, to enhance their unity and cooperation, rather than competition, in their pursuit of the American dream;
  • Establish the number, size/strength and spread of Nigerian Associations and Businesses;
  • Support and channel contribution of Nigerian Associations and Businesses in the on-going developmental efforts in Nigeria; and in this connection, we encourage you to complete the online information here for Citizen and/or Organization.
  1. This to inform that the federal Government has concluded all necessary arrangements for the issuance of the Nigerian Diaspora Bond In the International Capital Market. For more details Click Here
  2. The General Public is hereby notified that LYNXSYS: An IT Firm/Consultant with a web site domain name NIGERIANPASSPORTNOW.COM who purportedly acts and renders Consular, Visa, Payment Confirmation and Express Delivery services on behalf of the Consultant is a Hoax and should be avoided. 
  3. The Consulate wishes to categorically state, that it has nothing to do with the aforementioned business concern as it cannot guarantee its Authenticity. In this light, therefore whoever conducts business with it does as his own risk.
  4. OPENING OF A NIGERIA VISA SORTING AND CLEARANCE CENTER OPERATED BY OIS SERVICES ON BEHALF OF THE CONSULATE OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. This is to inform the General Public that a visa collection and sorting center has been opened and is operated by OIS Services on behalf of the Consulate General of Nigeria.
  5. The office is located at: OIS SERVICES Suite 204, 918 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076 Tel. No.: +1 678 514 3263
  6. By this development, all submissions of visa applications and payments will henceforth be handled by aforementioned office, starting from Monday, May 16, 2016. Please note that, from the above stated date (May 16, 2016) the Consulate will cease to collect any visa applications and payments.