Use the simple checklist below to ensure that you complete the process properly.

Step 1

Determine what type of Visa you need. Visa types.

Step 2
View our fees page to determine how much your Visa will cost.

Step 3
Apply online
. Tip: Be sure to read the Visa application guidelines before you apply. Once your application is complete, print the document, along with your payment confirmation. Get started.

Step 4
Collate your documents. Package must contain:

  • – Printed application documents AND payment confirmation page (referenced above)
  • – Your traveling document (i.e passport)
  • – One Passport photograph
  • – Flight Details
  • – Letter of Invitation and a copy of the relevant pages of the traveling document of your host and his or her passport photograph
  • – Please use ONLY UPS Express Mail stamped, self addressed envelope (In order for your documents to be mailed back to you)

Step 5
Deliver completed package to the Consulate by mail or walk-in to:
Consulate-General of Nigeria, Atlanta
8060 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30350